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Police Examine A Fingerprint Left By A SuspectLondon private detectives often get a bad rap due to reputations built by shady individuals or media portrayals, but being a London private detective myself.  I can tell you that the stereotypes are not true.  I’ve been in the private detective field for over twenty-five years have met a number of my colleagues that operate in the London area.  Most of these individuals work with a stiff set of ethics and guidelines that keep them from crossing line of law.  Let’s face it, when you think private detective you think of a smoke-filled room in black and white and a man behind a desk with a cigar in his mouth, although I am a cigar smoker, it is never indoors and im always in color.

The truth is that private detectives in London provide a valuable service to individuals as well as corporations most people think that we are out to ruin lives and destroy relationships by catching cheaters and liars, but London private detectives can also provide a number of other services from records research and missing persons cases to simple background checks for employment or marriage, we provide a number of services to help people get the information they need.  I will admit that as a London private detective, I do serve many suspected cheating spouse cases, and yes, more often than not, the evidence was proof positive, but am I really to blame for the outcome, I just provided information regarding the situation, I did not commit the acts or force anyone to commit the acts, truth is we go get the evidence that no one else will.  You cannot call the police if you suspect foul play in a relationship, as it is not actually a criminal charge, so you call a Private Detective.

private-investigator-bgLondon Private Detectives serve the community by providing truth, honest, unbiased, truth, which some people are not ready to hear or see, usually it is the accused party that holds the resentment towards the PI once the case is settled, not wanting to take responsibility for their actions themselves. So before you go bad mouthing London Private Detectives, give some thought to why they were hired and what they did, you may just realize they are doing a job no one else will.

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The Chronicles Of Private Detectives London

Security Key Representing Safety And EncryptionAs a fifteen year veteran in the London private detective field I’ve come across a number of different situations some very serious and concerning and some with a little humor to the and the short article tell you about one of my humorous experiences and encountered during an individual location case.

I was hired by a London woman to seek out an individual she believe could be the father of her child, there was no hard feelings or malice interactions she simply wanted the boy to know who his father was an be able to meet him, so she contacted me to begin the search for John, although his last name is withheld for privacy reasons will call him Smith for now.  My job is to locate John Smith and put them in contact with this woman, unfortunately she had little information, his name, place he used to work and a couple hang outs, no pictures to go off.

Private Or Public Directions On A SignpostI dove into the case right away began interviewing individuals at his last known place of work, as well as the landlord of the last known address he lived when she knew him.  While speaking to some of his former coworkers, they all spoke highly of John and how he was a simple man who enjoyed simple things.  One of them mentioned he said he was thinking about moving to a small town at the edge of London, so I headed their where I began at the local pubs inquiring about anyone knowing John Smith, the first day carried no success, vet I was determined to find him so I stayed another day and the next morning I was at the coffee shop, getting my morning cup and asking about John to the locals, the woman behind the counter said “ya he comes in almost every morning”, as I sat and waited in walked an old familiar face, it was my cousin I had not seen since we were teens. He spies me and yelled “Bill” and ran over for a hug, We embrace and the lady behind the counter says, “ ahh you found him” I look at him and ask, “your last names not smith”. OH it is now I changed it to my fathers name after my mother passed,  Well what do ya know, I spent days looking for an individual that I could have called home to find in hours.  Funny how things worked out, what is funnier is I put John in contact with his seeker and they are currently married and living happy with their child.


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The New Fuss About Private Detectives London.

InvestigationPrivate detectives in London have always been the topic of the controversy when it comes to individual’s privacy.  Many individuals in the London area believe that methods used by private detectives are an invasion of privacy or should be illegal.  This topic is come up time and time again regarding surveillance and listening devices where PI’s will record video footage of individuals  without our knowledge.   will one of the new rants and fusses about private detectives London is the use of computer monitoring.

Computer monitoring is a newer technology that is further developed with the development of PCs.  It is basically a software program that can be installed on PCs or Macs that allow the London private detective to monitor activities on the particular PC.  Some of the information it can be monitored are emails both sent and received, websites visited, including social sites and instant messages, some of these programs can even log individual keystrokes providing you with password codes to enter further into the PC.

many residents of London feel the PC monitoring is a complete invasion of privacy and should be illegal.  After all, it is sort of a spyware installed into your computer to track your movements.  Although the controversy exists over the subject.  The PC monitoring tool can only be installed if they have access to the PC, which is usually provided by an individual who knows the investigated subject whether a family member or coworker.  This is usually the way PC monitoring is installed without the subjects knowledge.  Most London Private Detective work with a code of ethics and do all they can to stay on the right side of the law, So someone you know has given them access to the computer, allowing them to install monitoring software.

Crime conceptWhether or not PC monitoring is right or wrong, it is being used in the London area on a daily basis to help Detectives gather evidence and solve cases, as with most of their information gathering methods, I think this one will continue to be the topic of more controversy in the future, but if you have nothing to hide then you should have no reason to worry.


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The Dirty Truth On Private Detectives London

Security private truthPrivate detectives can often be the subject of much scrutiny in the use of some of their tactics and methods of information gathering.  As I’ve been in private detective field for over seventeen years, I can tell you that a majority of the private detectives in London operate under certain code of ethics that keeps them on the right side of the law.  You may see the media and silver screen, portraying private detective life with a bit of glam and excitement, unfortunately this is just an embellishment of Hollywood and the media.  I can assure you that while life as a private detective can be fulfilling.  It is much less exciting than on the silver screen.

First, let’s talk about the view most people have on London private detectives.  Many individuals feel that their work is an invasion of privacy and that it does more harm than good when an outcome is reached, I contribute this to the fact that they figure all private detectives only deal with relationship issues and this is not the case as I spent years performing simple tasks such as records research, insurance fraud and even the location of missing persons.  These are all very helpful services to corporations as well as individuals, although we do deal with a number of infidelity cases, there are a ton of other services private detectives in London provide.

Briefly talk about the exciting, or not so exciting, life of a private detective.  I will admit in my younger days, starting a new case held much more excitement and anticipation, but as you grow with experience you slowly learn that most cases are fairly similar.  No car chases done shootouts are smoky offices.  Most of the time it’s the front or back seat of a small vehicle cramped for space fighting to stay awake and get the evidence that there to obtain.  A good private detective will go unnoticed.  Therefore his job should be fairly uneventful is only when confronted by suspects that things can be thrown completely off the beaten track.

Private and confidentialI spend many hours doing paperwork such as police reports, court reports and your average everyday business paperwork anytime I’m not in the field.  I’m usually out till all hours of the night and operate on very little sleep, the life of a London Private Detective is not glorious, but the feeling you get when you find that missing person or discover the truth for someone is almost indescribable.


Honesty is the Best Policy, But A Polygraph Test Carried Out By Birmingham Private Investigators Is The Next Best Thing

Polygraph test also known as lie detector test is one of the best tools used by a private investigator. It is an electronic device that detects, evaluates and quantifies physiological results exhibited by every person through chain of questions and answers. Pulse beat, blood pressure, amount of sweat and even breathing intervals are factors that are clearly determined in polygraph. This device is widely used in law enforcement agencies like police and military. It is often conducted by qualified polygraphist or polygraph examiners. The results are usually evaluated to gauge if the person or the suspect is telling the truth or lie.

Purpose of Polygraph

Highly qualified private detectives from Birmingham Private Investigators have been using polygraphs to clarify various controversies. Some may involve family members and other valuable individuals. However, polygraphs have been applied in urgent cases where evidence of various reasons like infidelity, cheating, thief, treachery or simple lying. Although, scientific evidence cannot firmly prove the accuracy of polygraph as bases of guilt for specific individual, this tool is still considered the best instrument that can provide clear impartiality between two different statements. Furthermore, it is also used as efficient device to hire new employee or staff in certain companies.

Private Investigator and Polygraph

Hiring a private investigator is one of the wisest options a person or company could ever decide. Looking for someone whom you can trust and depend on appropriately in times of confusions and doubts seems to be tiring and a long process. However, hiring Birmingham Private Investigators that can fully assure you of quality and a fast service can ease your job a hundred fold. A private detective agency that has the most reliable polygraph machine can help in seeking the most desired truth. This tandem can assure you that the money you spent to hire a professional knowledgeable in investigative matters is totally worth it.

Long Time Business

Private investigation services are one of the fast growing businesses today. It started a long time ago and has been patronised by numerous individuals, firms and companies looking for satisfactory answers through precise investigations. There are already wide varieties of techniques used by agents just to fulfil the cravings of their clients about the truths that they ever wanted. Some may use classic and definitive approaches in investigation and detections. While most of them mixed old style and modern methods such as using high-end devices and instruments to remotely track the suspects or any other party or subject involved.

Honesty: Polygraph and Private Investigator

Honesty is the best policy, one of the most forgotten values of some of the unscrupulous people who are greedy and selfish in power and money. It is also one of the most important traits that are abused by other individuals just to support their claims to win against the other. Often, failure to exhibit this habit becomes the root of all sorts of cheating, adultery, falsehood and other simple and serious offenses against one another. Fortunately, with the help of modern system and tactics like polygraph and duly qualified agents such as Birmingham Private Investigators, honest and fair judgment is within reach.


What Everybody Dislikes About Private Detectives London And Why

Private detectives in London have been labeled with a bit of a unsavory reputation in the past, they are dislike by many people who think what they do is wrong or unethical.  The tools and methods used by private eyes are often looked down upon in the community.   Here we discuss what London residents dislike about Private Investigators and their methods.

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Why Hiring Private Investigators in London for Public Relations is So Trendy

It seems like more and more companies and high profile individuals are hiring private detectives as part of their public relations staff. We wanted to get the facts behind this new trend and find out what exactly private investigators in London could possibly have to do with PR and reputation management. The truth was surprising, read on!

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Why More and More Companies Will Need to Retain Private Investigators in London

If you own a small business it may have never crossed your mind that you might need to seek out the acquaintance of a reputable private investigator in London. However in this day and age, it is becoming more and more vital for business owners to have a private investigator waiting in the wings as a preventative measure; similar to how you should also have a good attorney and good accountant standing by. At this point you might be wondering what you could ever possibly need from a private investigator. Here are a few scenarios where a good P.I. can be your company’s saving grace.

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What you need to do to become a London Private Detective

The private investigation industry can be an exciting as well as satisfying career choice, these individuals are hired to help clients gather information and evidence regarding the case, assisting them in the process of determining guilt or innocence.  If you’re an individual who enjoys the investigation process and likes to help people in need.  The London private detective industry may be just for you.  Becoming a London private detective is not an overnight process; many detective agencies have requirements regarding training, education and previous experience in a related field. In this article we will discuss some of these requirements.

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